As an RCO (Registered Community Organization), GENA has an important responsibility in influencing changes that may take place in the physical appearance, housing density, and commerical activity in our neighborhood. The most important component of that responsibility is the Zoning Committee. With  public meetings on the second Thursday  of every month , GENA's Zoning committee solicits neighborhood advice and opinion on commerical and residential  proposals,  deliberates on the merits, and issues reasoned responses that become part of the public record. GENA's Zoning decisions are essential to the viablity of the Girard Estate area.

The Safety and Security Commitee meets monthly with the First Police District and maintains a close liaison with the First District Community Relations Officer, in order to present our community's concerns and to obtain information from various city agencies to help ensure our well-being as a neighborhood.

The purpose of the Events Committee is to plan social, recreational, and educational events that build community spirit and raise funds for the organization. The Committee meets  once a month and as needed for each event.

The mission of the GENA Clean and Green Committee is to provide a resource for neighbors to enhance the residential quality of life in our neighborhood by  developing and maintaining a program to eliminate litter and blight and improve walkability and green spaces within the Girard Estate neighborhood.  The GENA Clean and Green Program will focus on educating neighbors of the resources available to them and the proper way to deal with trash and blight; empowering neighbors with the tools and resources needed to clean and green their own blocks; and coordinate the placement of trash and recycling receptacles and tree planting efforts within the neighborhood.  The committee will work with city agencies to provide recycling and circular non-delivery forms to residents, to enforce blight and litter laws within the neighborhood, and to support the Green City, Clean Waters program by labeling storm drains and promoting responsible stormwater management through the Raincheck Program to residents

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